Switchboard Games in a nutshell

We’re just like you.  We’re terrible at geography, we hate glitter, and we can’t help ourselves from adding avocado to everything.

 Additionally, we love:

  • Genuine conversations.
  • Meaningful things made easier and effortless.
  • Having fun during social activities.
  • The thrill of trying a new and unique experience.
  • The optimism that comes from meeting new people.
  • The moment you find an amazing friend or partner!

It’s become clear to us that it’s ridiculously simple and effective to experience these loves when you’re in a comfortable environment where genuine conversations flourish.  It’s even easier if you can focus on a fun, unique, VERTICAL activity aimed to bring out your true (and hopefully, best) self.

History of Switchboard Games and Social Interactions:

In roughly 125,000 BC, human speech began and so did the difficulties associated with meeting new people.  In 2015 AD we imagined the concept of vertical games and art to help create a unique, fun, and effective way to connect with strangers while leaving the table free for food and drink.  Problem solved??  We think so.

All that said, we’d love to have you come out to one of our Game Nights to see how entertaining and painless it can be to meet cool people from America’s finest city.  If you can come with a friend, great!  If not, great!  These experiences are specifically set up to be enjoyed effortlessly either way.

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