Switchboard Games in a nutshell

Our game nights, for people serious about leveling up their social circle, offer a fun filled evening full of board games, interactive art, and interesting challenges on vertical surfaces.

Each event is specifically created to make it enjoyable to meet fellow San Diegans in a playful, low-stress environment. Our unique game-playing format guarantees interactions with everyone through structured rounds of entertainment.

Since you’ll be enjoying genuine connections with both men and women, you’ll easily be able to find out who you’d like to see again on a date or simply grab a drink with.

Are you ready to truly connect?

  • We’ll guide you through an easy transition from one game to the other
  • Enjoy meeting new people at each station
  • Participate in hilarious and organic conversation
  • Have fun
  • Let loose
  • Let us know who you’d like to see again
  • Let us connect you

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